Sanna 2nd baby updates

Warning, a couple of photos and the text are a bit graphic if your squeamish.

Mon 11th June 1am

Its 1am in the morning, Sanna has started her contractions. She noticed a change today, it felt ‘different’ she said. Those that know, the baby is currently sideways (known as breech), not head down like it should be, let’s hope when we get to the hospital and they check, it has turned to the correct head down position.

Mon 11th June 1:55am

Oh wow what a rollercoaster ride! Fast forward 55 minutes it all happened so quick, the contractions started so quick and got faster and faster, after just 30 mins the waters broke and Sanna was shouting ‘the babys coming’ I replied ‘dont worry your doing well it’s on its way’ next thing Sanna said was, ‘the babys legs are hanging out!’ I couldnt believe it, I looked, and and as Sanna was squatting in the bathroom, it was!

2 purple legs were hanging out, blood everywhere and we were in our bathroom at home, not ideal!

I hung up the phone from the midwife who I was talking to about the contractions and phoned emergency 000. They despatched an ambulance straight away and talked me through what to do.

2nd push and the baby was up to its waist, 3rd push and the left arm and half the chest out, 4th and final push and the head and other arm popped out onto the soft towel I lay beneath. In just 5 minutes we went from no baby showing to all the way out.

The baby wasnt breathing and lay still and deep purple on the towel, still attached to Sanna by the cord. The 000 staff on the phone told me to rub the babies back to stimulate it. After a minute it took a tiny breath of air, then after 15 seconds another breath, and another, then 10 seconds gap, then after a few minutes she started to breath slowly and started to make a quiet wheezing sound which was good the 000 person on the other end of the phone said.

I asked sanna to get off the floor and sit on the closed toilet and I put the baby in the towel in her arms and took this photo.

A few minutes later 4 ambulance staff and Hanna all arrived at my door at once.

They said everything looked ok and helped clamp the cord so I could cut it. It was a relief they said everything was ok and we had successfully delivered the baby.

Sanna was taken to the royal hospital for women in the ambulance and I followed shortly in our car.

Sanna and baby ‘Taylor’ is heathly girl and well. Taylor is 3.5kg, larger than Zara who was 3.08kg.

First time photo of when Zara met her little sister Taylor.

Eating time at the hospital.

Sanna is recovering well at the hospitable and the doctors think she will be home tomorrow.

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  1. Wowzers Mark!!! Congratulations to you all. Well done Sanna – and bloody well done you. A new career in midwifery???!
    Love from all the Other Bedfords xxx

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