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The final SHE party of the summer

Well this was the last SHE party of the Australian summer of 2007. We had run 6 special parties over the summer of 2007, 3 of them on boats on the harbour and all being a great success with numbers. This final party was on the Sunday 25th March and was from 12 lunchtime to 5pm with the after party at the famous Darling Harbour Cargo bar. We were very lucky with the weather, we seem to always be with our boat parties always being really hot and as usual we had lots of comments of everyone having a good time 🙂
Here’s our poster for the event, our graphics artist girl is putting together some excellent posters for our events lately, and this one was as usual a great example.
Here we are setting up the DJ equipment on the top deck of the boat. There were as usual 3 floors of live music, that’s 11 DJ’s, 4 musicians and 1 vocalist singer to setup and organise.
Graham and I just before we arrive at the wharf to pick up the customers. We were goig to both wear the sailors uniforms but I couldnt arrange mine in time unforntalty, maybe next time.
We arrive at the warf at the Opera House to pick up the 400 ticket holders to fill up the boat and start the party
The boat is starting to fill up just before we leave to stqart crusing aroudn the famous Sydney harbour.
Me with my friends, Claire and Stef and her boyfriend on the far left and AC on the right and my silly French flatmate in the background
The top deck in full swing
Two of my DJ freinds I met in the clubs around Sydney and now there my best DJ’s we always ahve play at SHE, Liam Sampras at the top and Dave 54 on the bottom.
Our sax player ‘Scotty on Sax’, I met him when I was DJ’ing for a year at the Peppermint Lounge and he was my sax player every week. I relaly enjoyed DJ’ing with him he’s a great live sax player.
A lovely old ship that usually makes it way slowly aroudn Sydney harbour most weekends
I think Damien looked like he was enjoying himself, loks like he dosent get out very often 🙂
Group of friends again, from left to right, Troy, Alison, Damien, Me, Claire and AC
The lovely Eleni, she does the ticket collections on the door most times we run SHE as she does it relaly well, and she’s always smileing and happy 🙂
Alison and Troy, they have been going out for nearly a month now, long time for the Troyski 🙂
Onto Cargo bar in Darling harbour aterwards for the after party and we were all a little drunk by then. Here’s Stef me and AC. Oh and it REALLY started p!ss!ng it down like a storm about 15 minutes after we got off the boat very lucky!
Last photo, this was taken of me on the walk home by Damien. I can’t remer it being takne I was so drunk, I havent a clue why i had my shorts undone in the middle of a buy street on a Saturday night?!? Haha

Sunday Kayaking

Last Sunday the weather was great, really hot and bright and lovely. I invited friend Mat and his new German girlfriend that’s just come over from Germany to live here for a year and my flat mate Damien to go Kayaking. We went up to manly Photo of Manly here which is a good kayaking sport near the main ocean but protected from the large waves and surf on the ocean side.
It was a great fun morning and we kayaked over to the old disused Sydney Quarantine station some photos here and didn’t get too sun burned 🙂 Here are some photos of me a Sanna and Mat and Maren, Damien took the photos so he didnt get in them unfortunately.
Me and Sanna as we arrived for a rest on Quarantine Beach
Mat and Maren as we arrived for a rest on Quarantine Beach
Me looking like a idot with my paddle
Sanna doing a silly grin

Sydney in 24 hours (stop-motion experiment)

I hope people like this, it was a bit of a experiment and was an idea that come into my head after watching the IMAX documentery ‘Chronos’ one evening which shows incredable stop motion form around the world. If theres positive feedback i’ll go to work on doing some better quality ones of the city using a better quality camera setup. The photos were taken every minute for 24 hours from 12 midnight to 12 midnight which made up a total of 1700 odd photos!
(Click to play)
The hardest thing was compressing it down to size, learning what video compression technologies are good in what areas of movement, still learning this 🙂
Hope you enjoy

A Blast from the Past

I was bored at work again today, randomly going off to websites for a couple of minutes of time like you do in an excuse to get any from the highly interesting work focused thing your supposed to be doing at that time and I came across the Internet Archive.
It’s basically a site which stores snapshots in time of websites around the world if you’re lucky enough that your website gets archived by the service. Well a few of my old websites did! My old music site, my personal site e.t.c they got deleted many many years ago. I found it really interesting to see what I wrote about my life from those years ago.
Unfortunately the Internet Archive doesn’t archive the pictures or links to the files on the site but you can fill in the blanks and imagine what’s there 🙂
My Photo website – 2003
This was my last site I did before I started this blog up. It was bascally a colletion of all my photos on one website, took ages to write and update, hence im onto a much easier blog now.
My old Music website – 2001
This was all about the songs I made and DJ’ing back in the days. All my old music I made, wow this really took me back! I was so proud of all the music I made and then it was all lost when my computer crashed, this made me start backing up my computers finally 🙁 A small section on when I played on the Radio both via the Net and on FM radio up in Redhill London was on there. Lastly all the hellos to my old friends from the Internet I used to talk to for hours, this brought back some memories alright. Click on the menu bar in the top left to goto the differnt pages.
My old Personal website – 1999
This was I think the 2nd website I ever made and I really went to town on it, well on hours spent makign the thing at least 🙂 Back in 98 when I started the site, the net was a much much unknown and complicated

Photo gallery of some of my work

Here are some of my favourite images I have taken over the past 2 years. They are of various places I have been to around the world and all have ended up as my wallpaper at some point in time. All the photos were taken on my Olympus digital compact set to manual mode using a variety of focus’s, exposures & colour balances e.t.c.
I love to try and get a natural feel of plants, tree’s and landscapes through photos and sometimes they come out, I think really great, hope you enjoy the following examples.
Myall Lakes, Australia
Myall Lakes, Australia
Sydney, Australia
Mt Perisher, Australia
Mt Perisher, Australia
Sydney, Australia
Barnham, England
Barnham, England
Clymping, England
Clymping, England
Lake Wanaka, New Zealand
Lake Wanaka, New Zealand
Sydney, Australia
Sydney, Australia
Sydney, Australia
Sydney, Australia
Sydney, Australia
Sydney, Australia
Jervis Bay, Australia
Jervis Bay, Australia
Currarong, Australia
Blue Gum Forest (Blue Mountains), Australia
Sydney, Australia
Whitsunday Islands, Australia
The New Forest, England
Canberra, Australia

The good old SHE days

Being the resident SHE web dood I’ve been updating the SHE website with the design of the flyer e.t.c and I cut up a video and uploaded it to the site also from Graham’s camcorder. It made me realise what great parties we have sometime’s 🙂 Graham and I rush around (more Graham I admit) and get all stressed before the event (again more by Graham than me I admit) then by the time it kicks off all is forgotton and the drinks, thanks and happy faces keep rolling along =)
Have a look at the streaming video here: what a party!

Well here we start……….

Well this is it im starting writing my own blog, my online diary if you will, so lets get on with it 🙂 Many times i’ve thought about writing my own online blog as a kind of easy to update online diary of my life and with the added benefit of using it as a kind of dated and easy to look at photo album too, hey you may even see the odd movie pop up now and then.
The whole idea of starting up a blog came about quite easily. Writing emails back to my family and my friends in England to tell them of your life can be hard to find time to do it. Emails can be such an annoying thing, you want to write a long record of everything you’ve been upto, especally as im having so much fun living in Sydney but once you’ve written out the email and sent it you have to do the same for the next friend you want to stay in contact with, and the next one and the next one e.t.c.
So whats the solution? well you can copy and paste the large chunks of email about your life to other emails. This makes you feel cheap that you are basically writing an email and kinda CC’ing every other friend in the world, so you taylor each email more to that friend of yours. Now your nearly back to the frist way of writing an email to everyone you know in the world and taking days to do it grrrrrrr.
So along comes the idea of the ‘blog’, whats a ‘blog’? well as taken from a quick google the offical answer is

Blog is short for weblog. A weblog is a journal (or newsletter) that is frequently updated and intended for general public consumption. Blogs generally represent the personality of the author or the Web site.

Well there you go, and as I update the blog im known as a ‘Blogger’, sad init 🙂
So the whole blog idea, wow, an online diary, I can do all this keeping my friends and family updated on my life in once place and with the software i’ve installed on this websver I just bought, with just a few clicks 🙂 I have to say though the software I installed ‘MovableType’ took me a week to install and about 10 emails back and forth from my web server providers! They even had to contact guys in the States to install Perl modules to get it fully working, coming from a Windows administrator/conultant background that part was beyond me. So here we have it all fully working and capoable of running hundreds of blogs from the one webserver, maybe Sanna will want her own blog one day, who knows.
Righto thats the intro over and into blogging heaven (hopefully) 🙂
See you in the future!